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Let's Introduce Ourselves

Management Team

Dieter and Li Li are the dynamic duo behind BAKERHAUS - Shanghai Catering & More Concept.

Dieter, a German fortune top 500 executive, who came to Shanghai for work and after a while started to dearly miss high quality food from back home. Thus, in 2011, he bought a local bakery next to his home in Pudong.

Then, he hired European Master Bakers and Chefs to create a selection of bread, patisserie and western food dishes with a simple objective: Make it same or better!

Only best quality and carefully selected ingredients were good enough, as food safety is a constant concern, so the focus from the beginning was not just great product but also reliability and quality. Therefore, the team was trained up to a high performance level and is continuously supported by systems and tools normally only found inside a fortune 500 company.

And so BAKERHAUS - Bakery and Cafe was set up from the beginning to make the best, safe and fresh food with no shortcuts!

At first, because many foreign families lived in the same area near the bakery, these families became initial customers.

Then, many customers become friends, contributing their family recipes to expand the menu and giving advice for further improvements.

Slowly, BAKERHAUS become a home away-from-home for a community of like minded people who worked and lived in Shanghai and did not want to miss their favourite dishes.

Most of these foreigners, like Dieter, are senior executives in foreign enterprises or teachers in schools. As BAKERHAUS - Bakery and Cafe served the community and earned their trust, they recommended and introduced BAKERHAUS to the companies and schools they worked for.

That in turn uncovered a strong demand for professional catering services for single and multi day events such as meetings and conferences. It turned out to be a constant headache for anyone trying to organize food supply for a bigger gathering of senior managers or private cocktail party in Shanghai.

This is where Li Li, a co-founder of BAKERHAUS - Shanghai Catering and More, comes in.

Li Li, like Dieter, also worked in senior positions in fortune 500 companies, thus knows the catering needs first hand from organizer and participants perspective.

Hence, once the secretary or event hostess communicate their catering requirements, Li Li can very quickly understand what is needed and advice on the best solution, then coordinate everything to ensure the event organizer can sleep easy and look great in front of the guests.

Over time, BAKERHAUS - Shanghai Catering Service for business meetings kept improving and has won the trust of many foreign executives and their secretaries as a reliable partner to make their life easier!

Our Team ...

... is the backbone of of the great community service people come to expect. The team is very stable, highly experienced and is continuously looking for ways to improve on what was learned from the masters of Western cuisine tradition.

Feedback from our Community

We organize conferences and workshops on a regular basis for 200 and more people in attendance. That is not without challenges, to say the least. Fortunately, we have professional catering team from BAKERHAUS. They pull out all stops to make sure the food part is always perfect. And once the belly is happy everyone loves the event so much more!

Daisy Qiu

Chairman | She Power Organization

BAKERHAUS is our school's go-to option whenever we need delicious snacks and meals to share with our faculty on special occasions. It's hard to find a bad item on the menu, but we are particularly fond of the fantastic salads and sandwiches. They deliver quality - every time!

Derek Luebbe

Head of School | SCIS - Pudong Campus

We are a trusted catering partner for these multinational companies in shanghai

... and many more companies and schools in Shanghai. If you have a catering event that needs professionalism, but also some tailored love and affection, then get in touch with us. We have lots of experience catering to events large and small with our friendly and flexible approach and will work with you to ensure your event will be a resounding success!

In Pudong, we also got a surrounding community of discerning people who life close to our bakeries covered with best of traditional European favourites like stone baked pizza, fresh salads, sandwiches, bread and croissants. All hand crafted according to time tested recipes with original imported ingredients.