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  1. Hamburger Bun (5 pack)
  2. Bagel (5 pack)
  3. Mystery Bread Basket
  4. Beef Lasagna (Family Pack)
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  1. Beef Lasagna (Family Pack)
  2. Mystery Bread Basket
  3. Kahlua Tiramisu - Tray
  4. Cheese Cake 10 Inch

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Feedback from our Community

We organize conferences and workshops on a regular basis for 200 and more people in attendance. That is not without challenges, to say the least. Fortunately, we have professional catering team from BAKERHAUS. They pull out all stops to make sure the food part is always perfect. And once the belly is happy everyone loves the event so much more!

Daisy Qiu

Chairman | She Power Organization

BAKERHAUS is our school's go-to option whenever we need delicious snacks and meals to share with our faculty on special occasions. It's hard to find a bad item on the menu, but we are particularly fond of the fantastic salads and sandwiches. They deliver quality - every time!

Derek Luebbe

Head of School | SCIS - Pudong Campus

We are a trusted catering partner for these multinational companies in shanghai

... and many more companies and schools in Shanghai. If you have a catering event that needs professionalism, but also some tailored love and affection, then get in touch with us. We have lots of experience catering to events large and small with our friendly and flexible approach and will work with you to ensure your event will be a resounding success!

In Pudong, we also got a surrounding community of discerning people who life close to our bakeries covered with best of traditional European favourites like stone baked pizza, fresh salads, sandwiches, bread and croissants. All hand crafted according to time tested recipes with original imported ingredients.