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Personal Hygiene, Public and Food Safety

January 31, 2020
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Personal Hygiene, Public and Food Safety

Personal Hygiene, Public and Food Safety

We take our responsibility for public health and safety very seriously, especially during challenging times we are experiencing now.

Therefore, to ensure your safety and prevent spread of any disease like the corona virus we have stepped up procedures to be strictly followed to ensure that the virus can not spread through typical transmission path of exhaled respiratory fluids when people cough or sneeze.

Some of those measures may seem excessive and will for sure be less convenient than before.

While we recognize that, our priority right now is to promote public health and ensure our community is served in a safe way with healthy food! Thus, our objective is well being of the community, not convenience of an individual. We ask for your understanding and cooperation.

Specific measures we implemented:

Wearing Gloves

All our associates will be wearing gloves at all times, inside the workplace and outside when they commute between workplace and home (subways, buses and public spaces).

In case gloves have to be taken off, then our associates have been trained not to touch the face or eyes no matter how much something itches. Thus, to keep hands away from contact with the face at all times. Further, hands need to be thoroughly washed before putting the gloves back on.

Protective Masks

All our associates will wear a mask inside the workplace that will stop the spread of respiratory fluids and it will be disinfected every four hours.

Disposable face masks (N95) will be also worn outside of the workplace and for the commute between home and workplace. There will be only one entry into the workplace, where the mask can be safely disposed of and then hands and afterwards face thoroughly washed before entering the workplace. And then a new masks is to be worn inside the workplace.

Individual and Clean Towels

All our associates have their own individual towel, to be used and touched only by them. It is worn on the side of the apron, thus within easy reach of each associate.

Daily Cleaning of Gloves and Towels

Gloves and towels will be changed daily, washed thoroughly and dried. Thus, we will avoid using damp gloves or towels, as that is perfect breeding ground for bacteria.

Regular Disinfection of Work Surfaces

All surfaces touched by patrons and associates hands will be disinfected every hour.

That specifically means door nobs, stairways, table tops, seats, display cabinets, etc ...

Doors, windows, shelves, containers and floor will be cleaned and disinfected twice a day.

No sharing and touching of any hand held objects like cooking tools, mobile phones, computers. In case it is unavoidable, then all associates have been trained to be mindful not to touch their face and immediately thoroughly wash hands after touching someone else hand held object.

Make Shared Meals Safe

If associates share a meal, then everyone was instructed not to use their personal chop sticks to remove food from their serving bowl and plate. And never to drink from someone else cups.

Serving spoons are provided for each dish and have to be used to scoop what they want into their personal plates. Then use their personal chopsticks to pick food from their personal plate into their mouth.

All food and kitchenware will be thoroughly washed between meals.

Ensure Proper Ventilation

When the weather allows, we will ventilate workspace by opening all windows and doors letting the air out every two hours.

The virus can not linger in a well ventilated space.

Staying Away From Crowds

All our associates have been trained to be mindful of staying away from crowds and keep at least 1 meter distance from other individuals.

Refuse Entry to our Premises

All our associates will keep much further distance than 1 meter, if a person is couching or sneezing outside of the working place.

Entry to our premises will be refused to patrons and associates who show slightest signs of illness.

That measure is not taken lightly but as we can not tell the difference between influenza and corona virus we decided to be extra cautious. Deeply sorry for any inconveniences caused due to this.

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