Notice: Please place your order (minimum 200 RMB) one day in advance!
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All Your Delivery Related Questions Answered

Delivery Dates & Time Intervals

We do deliveries everyday from 10:00 till 19:30. All year round ...

... well, almost. Sometimes we do observe National Holidays like early October Holiday for 2-3 days and of course over Chinese New Year. When we take a public holiday break, we will keep you informed via email / wechat message and there will be a blue notice on top of the display screen. Further, during order placement the dates when we are on holiday break will not be select-able.

When you place an order with us you can select time slots for delivery in half an hour intervals. The earliest delivery time slot is 10:00 - 10:30 and the last one for the day is 19:00 - 19:30.

Currently, we only offer next day delivery, you may phone in to ask whether we can still squeeze your order in today, but if you want to make sure to get your orders on time and in full please order at least one day in advance.

We will of course do our best to deal with your catering emergency, but please understand that we may not be able to fulfill your order according to your requirements if you want same day delivery. But we will try our best to make sure you and your team are taken care of.

Hence, it is best to place your catering order two days in advance, if you want to assure availability of everything you ordered.

Delivery Areas

Catering orders are delivered anywhere in Shanghai.

Theoretically, this can also be said about everything else we have on offer but delivery fees may be not economical for small order value.

Delivery Fees

Minimum delivery fee is 15 RMB per order, assuming your delivery address is within 3 km of any of our branches.

Delivery fee is added to each order based on the zip code of your delivery address.

Default or maximum delivery fee is 100 RMB, that will be shown by the order system in case you do not fill out your zip code correctly for your address or your zip code is not listed in below table.

In general, deliveries to Shanghai Puxi will attract 100 RMB delivery fee.

Zip Code Delivery Fee Landmark
200120 50 Lu Jia Zui
200121 30 Century Park
200122 40 Weifang Road
200123 40 West of Tiziano
200124 50 To the West of Meilin Villas
200125 60 Middle Yang Gao Road
200126 80 Expo Area / Lupu Qiao
200127 30 South of Weifang Road
200128 65 Far North of Jin Qiao
200129 50 North of Jin Qiao
200131 100 Weigao Qiao
200135 20 Green Hills
200137 80 Far North Pudong
201200 80 Beyond Disney / North and East
201202 80 Beyond Disney / South and East
201203 35 Zhangjiang North
201204 15 Huamu Road / IKEA
201205 60 Disney Park
201206 30 Vizcaya / to the East of Jin Qiao
201210 50 Zhang Jiang South
201314 20 Mei Hua Road
201315 15 Emerald / Tiziano
201316 50 South of S32
201318 30 Oasis Villa / SCIS School
201319 30 Pegatron / Guang Hua School
201321 40 Hospital / Zhou Deng Gong Road