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Salad - Caesar

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Fresh romaine lettuce mingled with crouton and fried bacon enriched with hard-boiled egg, sprinkled with Parmesan cheese and our special home made Caesar dressing.

Weight: 270 g

Taste and Appearance:

It's a very famous classic salad, fresh romaine lettuce, mixed with well prepared sauce. Golden dried bread, fragrant bacon and cheese make the taste more rich. Lettuce with sauce and burnt dried bread have rich layers. This is a healthy food with rich nutritional value, rich in multi vitamins and low fat.


Romaine lettuce, crouton (flour, water, olive oil, salt, yeast), egg, bacon, Parmesan cheese, Caesar dressing (mayonnaise, olive oil, lemon juice, Parmesan cheese, anchovy, garlic).

Method of Preparation:

  • Get fresh vegetables, wash them, soak them in ice water to ensure crispiness of the leaves and crunchy bite.
  • Slice the boiled eggs and place them evenly on the romaine lettuce.

  • Sprinkle with crouton, bacon and cheese, and then add Caesar salad sauce.

Serving and Keeping Advice:

Please eat the salad once you receive it. If you must keep it to next day, then refrigerate it.


On a very casual day in July 1924, due to the large number of guests in the restaurant, the raw material stock of the kitchen was insufficient. Caesar Cardini, the owner and chef of Caesar Hotel, has created an innovative dish with only a few leftovers that are unlikely to be of great use.

This on-the-spot salad combined crispy, sweet and juicy Roman lettuce, baked crispy brown bread, fragrant Parmesan cheese with thick and smooth Caesar salad sauce to create a wonderful taste impact, which gave the guest a very pleasant surprise.

So Caesar Cardini officially named it Caesar salad. Before long, Caesar Salad first became popular in Hollywood, and later in whole of the United States. Now the whole world knows about this salad.

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